We are a couple expecting twins on 12/9/08. We have had a long road of fertility treatments and are finally able to add to our family. We have another u/s on Monday. I have to hook up the printer for u/s pic. I just wanted to get this started. More soon…


8 Responses to “Twins”

  1. C Says:

    Great to see your new blog up 🙂

  2. wantinababy07 Says:

    Nice new sight! Happy arrival!

  3. Michell Says:

    Great to see your new blog.

  4. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    Yea for fresh starts. I can’t wait to see pics of the twins!

  5. onemorebaby Says:

    Your new digs looks great! Bright and fresh!

  6. meg Says:

    Great new blog. Congrats on the twins…. can’t wait for pic’s!

  7. b Says:

    Like the new site! I’ve been thinking about you a lot, hope you’re feeling great.

  8. teacherlady75 Says:

    Yeah, glad to see this new blog and happy to return. CONGRATS sweetie on the twins. 🙂

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