We (Alex and I, Toni is not here), just used the doppler and there are two strong heartbeats.  It is a relief.  I have to meet the Peri before office hours tomorrow am for an u/s for “peace of mind”.  Alex is going with me because Toni has a retreat for school she has to go to.  My scanner is not hooked up right now, so there are no pics to be had at this time.  I am mostly resting.


3 Responses to “Heartbeat”

  1. brensbaby Says:

    OMG! I havent been to your blog in a few weeks- what happened? Are the other 2 ok? I am so sorry for yourloss!

  2. meg Says:

    I love my doppler… I still use it sometimes at 7 months!

  3. onemorebaby Says:

    Can’t wait to hear a few heartbeats of my own… not long for me now! How was your appointment today? Hugs, ag

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