Possible genders


At the perinatologist yesteday, the U/s person that is the top one and has been doing it for a while asked if we wanted to know gender.  She said 75% both girls.  It was cute because Baby A was kicking baby B in the head.  Not sure of baby B thought it was that funny.  We go back on July 3rd and will know for sure then the genders but she felt pretty confident….WOW.


4 Responses to “Possible genders”

  1. michell Says:

    How cool. although your poor son will most definitely be waaaaaayyyy out numbered then.

  2. teacherlady75 Says:

    Wow…..kicking each other in the head already? Ahhh….such fun. LOL. Girls…ahhhhh how sweet! 75% are sweet odds. 🙂

  3. meg Says:

    How cute!!!! At least you can start looking at some girl names now!

  4. laura Says:

    aw so sweet! Happy and healthy 9 await you I am sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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