Nothing much to report.


We have been busy here. We got baby furniture from a friend of ours, and it is really nice. The kids and Toni cleaned out the playroom and moved the TV and video games downstairs to the office. Toni’s dad ran the satellite to the office, so that is all set up for Christian. He got all his systems set up and the loveseat was also brought down. We picked out the paint colors, and are just waiting for Toni’s dad to pick it up. He has a paint business. We figured out the design of the room. We have two tons of clothes from Toni’s friend in Houston. Things are getting done. I am sorry to say that I am not doing much. I am trying to take it easy when at home. I am trying to cook the babies as long as I can. We have been going through the house and simplifying. We are getting rid of the stuff at a yard sale this weekend…..

I have an OB/GYN appt on Friday.


3 Responses to “Nothing much to report.”

  1. meg Says:

    Sounds like some nesting is going on!!!!

  2. Michell Says:

    Nesting is good. As is sitting around and supervising the goings on when you are growing little ones.

  3. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    When do you get pictures? I want to see the little baby heads!

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