I am going to briefly capture the twin’s life up thru what I know today.  I will then be able to up date daily on what I know or try hard to do so.  Anyway…Aidan was born weighing 4 pounds even and 17.5 inches long.  She was initially put on C-Pap to help with breathing.  She did very well at breathing and they were able to adjust the level down over about 2 days, wean her to the high flow nasal cannula over a few days, and they off completely.  She is not using any oxygen etc and has not been for several days ( I am sorry the timeline is so vague but this has been a whirlwind and I am extremely sleep deprived.  I think that I only slept about 5 hours total in 7 days at the hospital and not much since due to pumping breast milk every 2 hours).  I think that on day 2, they placed a PICC line for IVs because infants blow lines so quick and rarely last 24 hours, so they then did not have to poke her for new IVs all the time.  They out her on hyperal and intralipids.  They also started high calorie formula at 3, yes THREE ccs every 3 hours (this changed to breast milk on day 3 when I was able to pump something out to feed them).  She was on 3 ccs a couple of days and they have gradually increased by either 3 or 6cc once daily and is currently on 29cc every 3 hours.  I know that she lost at least down to 3lbs 8 oz, maybe more, as I said I am so foggy, but as of monday night, she was back to 3lbs 11oz. I forgot to ask today but will find out when we go this evening what her current weight is.  On Tuesday am, the neonatologist called and told me that they had been hearing a heart murmer on and off and it was now all the time so she was going to do a cardiology consult.  They did an Echocardiogram that was normal.  The cardiologist said that it was just the sound of the blood hitting the vessels and they would do a follow-up echocardiogram when she is 6 mths old if they still heard it upon discharge.  During this time a few days, she was have bradycardia occasionally (dip in heart rate) and a few spells of apnea.  She has not had any in 24 hours, will ask more about today at this evening’s visit.  So….I got a call this am for an the most recent… they took her off all Ivs and removed the PICC line.  They are working on transition to an open bed and not an isolette that will take about 24 hours.  They currently turned off the humidity in the isolette as the first step and she is doing well as of about 12:45p.  She is also on full breast milk feeds.

Ok, now Avery.  Avery was born weighing 3lbs 3oz and 17 inches long.  She was initially put on C-pap but had to be intubated for about 24 hours then back to the C-Pap.  She eventually moved to high flow nasal cannula at 4l.  She was moved to 3 1/2 l and now they have transitioned her to 3l and will get her to 2 l in the next 12-24 hours if tolerated.  She has been having more problems with the bradycardia but has only had one recent episode that she was able to pull herself out without any stimulation.  She started about day 2 on 3cc of formula as well every 3 hours. She has been slower to go up because they feel like the feeds were part of what was causing the bradycardia.  She is finally on 15cc every 3 hours over an hour.  they are increasing her amt given every 8th feed, so once daily.  She is doing much better with the feeds but not gaining weight well, so they are going to mix in some high calorie formula to help with weight gain.  I do not know how far her wight dropped but she is only at 3lbs 3.2 oz last night.  She will be on the Iv about 1-2 more days and then hopefully transition to open bed as well.

When they are both free of IVs, they should transition to a lower level nursery and get to co-bed.

Will update possibly later tonight after we visit but more likely tomorrow.


One Response to “Catch-up”

  1. Michell Says:

    Wow. So much happening in your life right now. I’m glad to hear they are mostly doing well. The apnea stuff sort of just goes with the territory and will eventually go away as they get older. In the meantime they may put them on caffiene to help with the apnea. I hope the continue to do well with feeds and such and that you are able to get some sleep. Hugs to you.

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