Ready to bring them home..


I am tired of them being in the hospital.  Last night I was upset with the nurse that had Avery.  She was not the friendliest and seemed out to keep Avery from co-bedding with Aidan.  First she was complaining that Avery had low tep, which it WAS a little low.  I discussed (yes, it was nicely she IS taking care of my baby and do not want to be on her bad side) that they would help to regulate each others temperatur if put together.  We already have an order for the co-bedding and the NP and I had already discussed temperature regulation.  I let it go, sort of.  Then, when we were leaving, I asked if they got moved upstairs would they call so we would know (upstairs is to a lower level of care).  she snottily said that they were not moving OUR twins upstairs that night.  I was pissed to be talked to that way.  I only asked to be informed if they were moved.  Thank goodness she did not ahve them today, I would have lost it.  Avery is to get her nasal cannula removed tonight.  They do not have a place to move them upstairs tonight, but I am going to try my darndest to get them moved tomorrow.  I feel like that are being held back for no reason because they are both doing so well.   I leave you with baby pics….

Sweet little Aidan

Sweet little Aidan

Christian with Avery

Christian with Avery

Me holding Aidan

Me holding Aidan

Alex holding Avery

Alex holding Avery

Toni and I with Aidan (one while I was in the hospital)

Toni and I with Aidan (one while I was in the hospital)


4 Responses to “Ready to bring them home..”

  1. Michell Says:

    They sure are precious. Hope you can bring them home soon.

  2. goldfish5 Says:

    Sorry about the horrible nurse. The babies are beautiful, and it was nice to finally see you, I had no idea what you looked like.

  3. onemorebaby Says:

    Beautiful Pictures! All of you look so great!

  4. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    omg! You guys are a cute family! You are so 4 for 4 on the good looking kids! I love the pics!

    Let me know if I need to show up with a baseball bat for that nurse!

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