Yep, they are finally in a bed together.  I left the camera in the car so I do not have a pic but will definitely take one tomorrow.  They looked so cute when they put them together this afternoon when we were there.  I discussed with the NP that they had a order for four days and were still not together or moved to a lower level of care as they were doing well.  Well, I guess that is all that it took.  I am sure that I am now a bitch.  I was nice about it, but you know how people view things…oh well.  I want what is best for my children.  They were both having trouble regulating temps, no problem with that since the co-bedding.  Will write more tomorrow with pics.


6 Responses to “Co-bedding”

  1. Michell Says:

    Awww. I bet they are so cute.

  2. onemorebaby Says:

    Oh my gosh! I am thrilled! Way to go!

  3. meg Says:

    Oh this is awesome. Can’t wait for the pics.

  4. Erin Says:

    Finally, so glad to hear it!

  5. goldfish5 Says:

    Maybe you’re the bitch now, but the babies temps are regulated!!! Good for you, can’t wait until they get to go home with you guys.


  6. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    Excellent! Aren’t they happier together too?

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