No pics to post tonight…too tired


We just got back from the hospital.  I am exhausted.  I have been pumping through the night and throughout the day still about every 2-3 hours and going to the hospital on the am for several hours, then back home to meet Toni and going back in the pm.  It is about 11:15 and we are home.  I am trying to provide all the breast milk that the babies need to grow.  To be honest it is exhausting.  They are doing well.  Avery took two bottles today, and she will get a 3rd at 2:30am feeding.  Aidan did better, she took 33cc out of 38cc.  I HOPE that she gets the whole bottle tomorrow!  Avery weighed 4lbs 3.7oz and Aidan was 4lbs 12.5oz!


2 Responses to “No pics to post tonight…too tired”

  1. goldfish5 Says:

    Wow! They’re eating like little champs! I hope that they are home with you very soon, and you can just enjoy each other.

  2. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    You rest up! Very soon, they will both be keeping you up ALL NIGHT! Try to get some rest now… and fabulous job on the milk production!

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