Feeding issues


So the babies were doing ok eating and ave gone WAY down hill.  They have been having bradys and desats out the ying yang.  Finally, I almost insisted that they thicken Aidan’s breastmilk bottles.  They did, she did 100% better last yesterday, last night, and today.  She still struggles to take a whole bottle because she gets worn out.  We called the nurse this evening and she took the whole bottle with NO NO NO problems!  She is scheduled to get another bottle at 3am.  Today, I insisted that they thicken Avery’s bottles, they did.  She has had NO problems at all today and this is with FOUR bottles.  She is up to 6 bottles a day!  She was getting so bad with problems that they had to give her some oxygen yesterday, not ONE little problem today!  It is such a relief.  I was getting pretty worried.  Anyway….things are looking up.  Who really knows about discharge.  They did have their last dose of caffeine on Saturday, so that is good.  The soonest would be Saturday, but I really doubt that will happen.  So tonight, Aidan weighed 5lbs 2.2oz and Avery was 4lbs 9.5oz!  I leave you with a couple of pictures.

Christian and Aidan

Christian and Aidan

I love these girls...

I love these girls...


3 Responses to “Feeding issues”

  1. Michell Says:

    Hang in there mom. I understand that this is super frustrating right now. I hope the thickened bottles help things and they are able to go home soon. Even though they may seem tired right now they will improve again and be ready. I’m sorry though it’s taking longer than you would like. I’ll be thinking of you all.

  2. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    Yea for Christian! You are so 4 for 4 on the good looking kids!

    I hope the girls settle down to the feeding soon and get home! It’s time to party at their crib!

  3. Arlene Says:

    They are beautiful! I just love looking at the pictures of them.

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