Here we go …..


Apnea monitor,,,,it’s what all the hip preemies are wearing today.  Well, Avery has been having some problems with apnea while eating.  She has been having periods of her lips and nose turning blue.  It is scary, but I have been handling it.  Well, I go back to work tomorrow and asked the pedi for some reglan for her refux.  We talked about the “blue spells”.  She immediately ordered a monitor.  We are waiting for it to arrive as we speak.  Will gt pics in the future.


One Response to “Here we go …..”

  1. goldfish5 Says:

    I’m totally sending you all of the support today that I can muster. I know it has to be hard for you to go back to work when you’d rather be home with your beautiful babies. I’m glad your doctor seems to be so proactive. You made an awesome choice to switch to this pediatrician.

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