As you may guess, we are very busy.  When not busy, we try to get a nap.  I got one this weekend!  Toni is sleeping right now.  Things are good.  I am in love with two little bittys.  They are gaining a lot of weight.  We will know for sure their weights on Wednesday, as they have their two month visit.  They are 2 months old today.  We will be taking them to get synagis shots at 7:30 am then to the pediatrician for their 2 month visit.  They are drinking more and more. Aidan is up to 75cc every 3 hours and Avery is 80cc every three hours.  We often have to wake them to eat but were told by MD office that is how it is for preemies for a while.  We are hoping to stretch theirs hours a bit at night in a few weeks.  We will discuss this at the appt.  We are also not going to get all their immunizations all at the same time.  We will be stretching them out.  I think that it is too much all at one time (my opinion only).

Aidan chillin on the boppy

Aidan chillin on the boppy

Avery with monitor wires peeking out

Avery with monitor wires peeking out

Sweet baby

Sweet baby

Another sweet baby

Another sweet baby


6 Responses to “Fluff..”

  1. KJandtheKids Says:

    VERY cute babies. Take those naps often. or as often as you can.
    Good luck with the appointment.

  2. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    They are so big and so pretty. Look at the chub!

    I’m so glad you got a nap this weekend! I think a sleep makes everything better!

  3. onemorebaby Says:

    I can’t believe how big they are getting already! So CUTE!!!

  4. Alex Says:

    I miss those babies… ❤ big sis

  5. SF Lupa Says:

    Wow! They are lots bigger- and somehow cuter too. Unbelievable!

  6. goldfish5 Says:

    Ha Ha, napping in shifts..I love it!!! The girls are plumping up nicely there mama..you’re doing a great job!!

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