One year ago….


…we did not even know that a year later we would have babies..WOW.  We sure lucky.  They are great kids but sure keep us busy.  They are not the all the time sleepers that they used to be.  Aidan is much less “laid back”.  As a matter of fact, Avery is much more laid back.  Poor Avery has MISERABLE reflux and spits a lot.  She is on prilosec, and it helps a little.  We tried zantac, no help.  We tried reglan…demon baby.  We are stuck with the prilosec right now.  They are also a gassy lot…WOW like a man.  They are really starting to smile at us.  It is so sweet.  They are cooing…..awwwww we love that too.  They HATE the bouncy seat and both like the swing on and off.  They mostly like to be held…who wouldn’t.  Avery definitely has blue eyes and getting bluer.  We cannot completely tell with Aidan.  Sometime they look hazel, others dark blue. We thought once they looked brown, but now think that we were wrong……We do not really care just like looking.  They are still in newborn clothes but are rapidly growing, can wear some of the 0- 3 months and soon just the 3 months.  They are 11 weeks as of yesterday.  I hope to remember to take a bunch of pics and will post this weekend.

On a separate note, I am tentatively going to start working from home on Wednesday…


One Response to “One year ago….”

  1. Michell Says:

    Whoohoo on working from home. How cool is that.

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