I am sooooo tired of fluids coming up. I am going to call the pediatrician and see about switching the supplemental poweder we use. It makes them gassy like big grown men, and spit up like they had too much to drink. I feel so bad for them. They look up at you with big sad eyes, and I can’t do a damn thing to help them. We have tried Reglan, Zantac, and prilosec too.

Also, anyone know what to use on dry baby face skin? We tried Aquaphor and it breaks Aidan’s face out. Baby lotion is useless.

I am not sure what time it will say I posted, I tried to change to make sure that I get credit because it has always been the wrong time….It is Monday, 1/5 at 10:58pm


7 Responses to “SPIT, VOMIT, BARF”

  1. KJ and the Kids Says:

    I’m so sorry. I can only recommend aquaphor.
    I’m going to try and remember the really good all natural stuff someone gave me long ago. I will post it if I can remember the name.
    Good luck.

  2. meg Says:

    Sorry about the spit up and stuff. Have you tried vaseline?

  3. b Says:

    Hope the babies are keeping things down soon. I don’t know about the skin, vaseline was a good suggestion..it’s a lot like aquaphor..but mabye the ingredients are different?

  4. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    I have the worst skinn ever and I use aquaphor, but not on my face. It’s pretty heavy. Doctors have suggested Eucerin to me as well. Maybe that’s worth a shot? Vaseline is too too heavy for the face, I think!

  5. The Mother Hen Says:

    We use cetaphil cream on Masons eczema. It works great, but takes a day or 2 to start to work, but he’s 14, so baby skin should show improvement in a day I would think.

  6. Candace Says:

    So sorry about the babies not feeling well. I have had eczema my whole life. My specialist have always reccommended Eucerin – the original. No SPF at all. (Nor any of the special varieties of Eucerin) Give it a try. It is safe for babies without being greasy. Worst part is the Cost but luckily, with babies it will last awhile. Hope this helps even a little. 🙂

  7. Candace Says:


    I have VERY sensitive skin. VERY. Have since birth and Aquaphor breaks me out terribly, too.

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