…..there is no a lot worse than to see your children hurting.  We (Alex and I) took the babies to the doctor today.  I could not bear the screaming any longer.  We got the supplemental formula changed from neosure to nutramigen.  Aidan is on Levsin for intestinal cramping and has started Prilosec.  Avery had her dose of prilosec increased.  While we were there, I got the bright idea to get the shots that we did not get at the 2 month check because I am not going to let them get too tons of shots at a time.  BIG MISTAKE.  They are both been SO upset and crying.  I guess that their legs really hurt.  I have given tylenol and they are finally sleeping and do not want to be moved or put down.  It hurts my heart to see them in pain.


3 Responses to “sadness….”

  1. Michell Says:

    I’m sorry. I hope that tomorrow they are feeling a bit better and that the new formula and the prilosec do the trick. Hugs to you all.

  2. meg Says:

    Yuck I am so sorry. I hope they both get to feeling better soon. Ausi didn’t like his shots much either 😦

  3. Rachel Says:

    Oh, this makes me cry. I remember my son (aka Mr. Farty) having such miserable reflux. He had surgery at 2 old days to ‘untangle’ his intestine, which was twisted up and making it impossible to eat. He was on zantac for almost 2 months. Alimentum formula was a huge help, once I got the doc to give in and let me try it.
    Hope your babies are both feeling better soon. They are super cute.

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