4 months


The babies were 4 months old on Saturday.  Where DID the time go.  They are really growing.  I changed their supplemental formula AGAIN.  We started on Neosure.  The babies cried their stomachs hurt so much.  We switched to the liquid gold called Nutramigen.  Avery was spitting up curdled milk by the gallon and Aidan had RED RED RED cheeks after eating.  I switched last week to Prosobee.  So far, so good.  Aidan’s cheeks are no longer pink unless overheated and Avery only has occasional spits, and they are not flowing like a river.    We went to the MD today.  Aidan was 22.5 inches long (3rd% on regular growth chart) and weighed 12lbs 8oz (23rd% on regular growth chart!).  Avery was 22 inches long  (1st % on regular growth chart) and she weighed 12lbs even (15th% on regular growth chart).  They no longer have to have the poweder added to increase calories.   They are really doing well.  Avery will continue on reglan and that is it. They got one of the three shots scheduled and will get the other 2 in a month.  They are still on synagis until April.

Working from home is going well, I just want to be downstairs with them all the time.  I have to get back to some things here but will leave you with pics…

4 weeks 5 days

Coming home from the hospital, age: 4 weeks 5 days

Today, 4 months 3 days

Today, 4 months 3 days


please ignore my clothing...I am lucky to have something on at all with how busy we are 🙂

Slightly blurry but cute

Slightly blurry but cute

I love to kick!

I love to kick!

Who you looking at?101_0567

Who you looking at?


overexposed but love this pic

overexposed but love this pic


7 Responses to “4 months”

  1. onemorebaby Says:

    Cuties, both of them! Thank you so much for the update! Glad to hear you all are doing so well! : )

  2. KJ and the Kids Says:

    So cute.

  3. Michell Says:

    OMG!!! Look how big and cute they are!!!

  4. meg Says:

    They are adorable.

  5. mycowgirlalterego Says:


    Wow… 4 months is a ton of time! Look how perfect they are!

  6. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    Where are you? First you leave me at scrabble, and now I don’t get any pictures?
    My heart is broken. 🙂

  7. goldfish5 Says:

    They are beautiful Cheryl!

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