These kids can sleep!


We have been really lucky in that Aidan for about 6 weeks has mostly been sleeping through the night with only a few nights that she hasn’t.  By sleeping through the night, I mean 8-11 hours.  For about 3 weeks, Avery has mostly been sleeping through the night too.  Last night they slept 11 hours WITHOUT the time change (12with but that does count).  The problem is getting them to sleep some nights.  I was giving Avery Mylicon to help with the terrible gas that she has but someone talked me out of giving it to her. BIG mistake.  She is so gassy in the evenings that she cries off and on for about 1 – 1 1/2 hours in the evening.  I think that I am going back to the mylicon.  Nothing else works. I have tried numerous things including gripe water.   I think that in Avery’s case, the benefits outweigh the risks.

I am still a pumping machine.  I still pump about 48-50oz.  I really need to increase this as I need more milk.  I have used reglan and it seems to help some.  Maybe I need to take it on a more regular basis.  I do not know. I feel like I have NO solutions at this time.  My new favorite baby-related website is babycheapskate.  It is wonderful and really tells you about some great deals!

I guess that I do not really have a lot to say.  I am so tired though.  I think that it is finally all catching up with me…..


2 Responses to “These kids can sleep!”

  1. meg Says:

    Congrats on the sleeping! I can’t say that AJ has ever slept that long without waking up!!!!

  2. b Says:

    Way to go sleepy girls! That’s how they’re growing so big..boobs and sleep! : )

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