Time Flies….


The babies are almost SIX months old….geez what happened.  They are really developing little personalities.  What is interesting is that they have such different personalities from when they were born.  I will start with Avery.  In the hospital they called her “spunky”, meaning that she was a hollerer.  She was upset a lot.  I thought uh oh she is going to be a mess.  She is acutally very easy going.  She naps best, usually eats best, and is so quick to smile.  She was the second to giggle but now giggles more often.  She now eats her hand, the WHOLE hand.  She is starting to get hair and it is whispy like duck fuzz.  Her eyes continue to be a bright blue.  Aidan, in the hospital was soooo laid back and rarely cried.  well she sure changed.  She is a very demanding child.  When she wants to eat, you KNOW it.  When she wants to get out of the jumper, you KNOW it.  When she wants her diaper changed (yes she HATES poopy diapers), you KNOW it.  She has a cute smile and uses her tongue in full grin.  She giggles, it melts your heart.  They are such opposites from birth.  I think that Avery was that was to survive.  She was the baby with the pneumothorax and ventilator.  I LOVE these babies…

P.S.  they have been sleeping 12 hours at night for a while!  We are lucky,  Their naps are not great but…who cares…


One Response to “Time Flies….”

  1. b Says:

    I love reading your blog, and hearing how happy you are to have your babies. You never complain, and are just thankful to have two healthy babies to love.

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