I am so grateful for my kids…all of them.  We are so lucky to have a great daughter in Alex.  She is so helpful and is a great big sister to the babies.  Many peole, in public, think that they are hers.  I am grateful my son, he is a brilliant kid stuggling to find his way and grow up….hope he finds it soon because there are trying times, but I am grateful.  I am grateful for Aidy’s cute little smile in which she pushes out her little tongue.  I am grateful for Avery’s big wide smile when she opens her mouth and you just KNOW she wants to say something.  I love the sound of the babies babbling.  It is so cute.  I think that Aidy is going to be the talker.  Avery is the giggler. I am even grateful for the opportunity to get up every night to pump for them, this means we HAVE them…yes…GRATEFUL.






2 Responses to “Grateful”

  1. meg Says:

    So sweet and so cute!

  2. Michell Says:

    So sweet. Those pics are so cute.

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