The babies are really growing.  The seem HUGE in the last week.  They are outgrowing all their 3-6 mth clothes and now getting into the 6-9mth clothes. Wow…where did the time go.  Avery is now eatin sweet potatoes, pear, carrots and rice cereal.  We are going to start apples or bananas today.  I am going to restart Aidy on cereal today to see if she is any more ready.  They have both rolled over but not on a consistent basis.  I have to keep it in my head that they are really 9 weeks younger then their actual age.  so they are really <4mths adjusted. 3mths, 3weeks, and 4days to be exact.  I think that they are doing really well.  Avery still says MOMMMA, but nothing else.  Aidan just chatters.  She is really going to be a talker.  Avery still naps well but Aidan only cat naps.  Here are a couple of pics taken today..  Is anyone still reading this?  I feel like I have fallen in the abyss…..




3 Responses to “Growing”

  1. b Says:

    If you’ve fallen into the abyss you sucked me down with you. I’m still reading and marvelling at your beautiful baby girls! : )

  2. Michell Says:

    I’m still reading. I’ve just been bad at commenting lately. Sorry. They’re so cute and getting so big.

  3. meg Says:

    I am still here! They are really growing up!

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