On trial…


I am being tried…I now have a horrible mastitis.  I only THOUGHT the plugged duct was excruciating.  This is MUCH worse.  I hope that I come out of this with my supply intact and able to continue on.  I am in horrible pain even when NOT pumping…Pumping makes me cry…….


3 Responses to “On trial…”

  1. Michell Says:

    Oh wow. This doesn’t sound like fun at all. I hope it gets better soon.

  2. Becca Says:

    Oh, honey, that sucks. If it’s that painful, how on earth are you supposed to keep pumping / BFing to get the infection out? A friend told me to take raw garlic, but I just couldn’t get it down…

  3. ibcheryl Says:

    I am taking leftover percocet from c-section to even remotely pump but it still hurts horribly…… I also have some keflex from when I started getting mastitis in the hospital. Still bad, very bad….

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