Nice day…


It was a nice day today.  It was warm but there was a nice breeze.  I like the warm weather in that we can dress the babies in warm weather clothes and see their little fat rolls.  What’s not to love about a baby and their chubby arms and legs.  The girl’s personalities are really beginning to shine.  We are so in love.  I am a little drugged feeling as I am taking the percocet from when I had the c-section so that I can pump.  It is only BARELY tolerable even with the percocet.  It isvery distressing, especially when I have to pump SIX times in 24 hours.  I HURT.  I know that people are not signing in here to read this, but it is what is going on in life.  It is MAJOR to me.  I leave  you with some cute pics from today….






3 Responses to “Nice day…”

  1. meg Says:

    The girls are adorable. I am so sorry you are in so much pain!

  2. b Says:

    Love the pics. I know that you’re hurting quite a bit and i’m sorry. I love the pics I can see their personalities!

  3. Michell Says:

    I hope the pain starts getting better soon. That has to be hard to keep up. Hugs to you.

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