Miserable failure


So, I failed miserably at my New Year’s resolutions.  I thought that I would make some mid-year resolutions.

1. Post 2x weekly (thought that this would be more realistic)

2. Start on weight loss with a goal of one pound a week, eating more healthy (starting 6/1)

3.  Max of 2 diet cokes a day for June and July, one a day for August, 1/2 a day for September, and diet coke free by their 1st Birthday 10/07.

4. Organize one area a week, even if it is small

5. eat fruit daily

6. Eat sweets only 2-3x a week instead of daily

7. This will mean nothing to you all but it is a goal for me to get at least 47 contacts for work a week when I work full weeks.

8. Read daily to the babies

9. Read at least every other day (to myself) even if only for a few minutes

10. eat salads at least 3x weekly


3 Responses to “Miserable failure”

  1. Michell Says:

    That cutting out soda pop is the hard one for me. Mine is Dr. Pepper and every time I try to give it up I make it maybe a week.

  2. ibcheryl Says:

    I have given it up before, but I really love them. I know that they are so bad for me, and I finally really like water. I hope to do it

  3. meg Says:

    I am trying to read daily to AJ as well. Just get so busy!

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