Doc Appt


The weekend was pretty quiet for us.  The little ones are afraid of loud noises, except the ones that they make, so we did not go see any fireworks.  It was a good weekend, none-the-less.  Christian barbecued ribs tonight, they were AWESOME>  He does so good with ribs, better than any restaurant.  Tomorrow we are going to take Avery to the pediatric surgeon to see what this thing is.  I am ready to move forward from this thing.

The girl’s bed got moved into their room, and we are going to have them sleep in their room AND in separate beds.  It is a little sad but I think that it is necessary unless we want Avery to have brain damage.  She takes several wacks to her head from Aidan’s feet every night.    Well….have a boring life and need to go wash dishes and pump.  Will update tomorrow after the appt.


6 Responses to “Doc Appt”

  1. onemorebaby Says:

    Quiet sounds good! Sorry I have not been around much. Glad to see the updates! Hug those girls for me. : )

  2. kirsten Says:

    good luck tomorrow!

    i’ll be thinking of you both!

  3. Becca Says:

    lol on the loud noises ONLY from their own mouths

    I hope you get some answers and good news from the doctor

  4. Michell Says:

    Hope the doctors appointment goes well and the news is good. Hugs to you.

  5. meg Says:

    Good luck at the doctors… keep me posted.

    Ribs sound yummy, even at 9:35am!

  6. b Says:

    Will be checking back in with you today off and on. Hope it’s nothing.

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