9mths…three weeks late


I am 3 weeks late in writing about the babies.  I cannot believe how old they are…where has the time gone?  Where to begin?

Avery, my little 3 lb 3oz baby..you have blossomed into a beautiful girl. You are loud, you make your prescence know, you are ACTIVE.  I do not think that you are going to crawl, you are going to just stand up and walk.  You can almost get to a standing position now, almost without help.   You are a master at moving aroung the room on your BUTT.  You love to pull your sister’s hair and do CPR on her back.  You also love to wrinkle your nose smile and make a snorty noise.  YOu are eating all kinds of food but still only baby foods, you gag with too much texture,  You DO love mum mums though.  You are cuddly and like to be held when sleeping and do NO like to be put down.  You used to be a GREAT sleeper…what happened???  I love you soooooo much!

Aidan, the brute, at 4lbs.  You have also blossomed into a beautiful girl.  You have cute little pig tails.  You are happy to sit and play with your toys but are beginning to feel adventurous and flipping over to work on your crawling.  You are very gentle but occasionally stick up for yourself and grab back toys that have been taken from you.  You are very smiley.  You are the talker, and I think that you will one day carry on long conversations with anything.  You say things that sound like bye bye and doggie.  You giggle up a storm!  You also eat almost anything baby food wise,  You also gag with texture.  You have a gentle touch and are very inquisitive. You had  some rough patches in your sleeping but are back to sleeping like a champ! I love you  soooooo much!

They are doing so good especially being 9 weeks early,  they are realy only 7 mths adjusted!


One Response to “9mths…three weeks late”

  1. meg Says:

    The girls are precious. I can’t believe they are already almost 10 months old??? Woah… That 1st bday is right around the corner 🙂

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