Big girls..


They are getting big SOOO quick.  It seems like overnight, they are changing.  We thought that Avery had a tooth because there was a sharp place on her lower gum, maybe it is just swollen up and we can’t feel it any more….who knows.  Anyway, Aidan has TWO teeth, they just happened all of a sudden.  Avery is crawling like mad now, pulling up, standing alone, and has taken a few steps.  Aidan is practicing crawling backwards and has gone forward a little then stops.  I do not think that she is long in catching up.  It makes her soooo frustrated to see Avery moving all over the place.  We can see that Avery is going to be hell on wheels.  Aidan is our musical baby, LOVES to dance to music! They are really intereacting with each other and us, it is so cute.  Avery ate quite a bit of a Van’s organic waflle, feeding herself.  Aidan ate some, but wanted us to put it in her mouth.  Avery is healing great from the surgery, never really seemed to bother her that much. They closed it with sutures on the inside and covred in glue.  The glue has flaked off and the incision is healed, just a little pink.  Gotta go Avery is up!


One Response to “Big girls..”

  1. Michell Says:

    Wow, they sure are growing fast.

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