Happy 13 months


Wow, as I guess that I always say, time sure flies.  They are really doing a lot.  They are not walking yet though.  They are riding the blue hippo and pushing each other around.  They are eating a lot better.  They are drinking almost all whole milk but I am using up the rest of the breast milk that is frozen.  I guess that it will be gone in about 10 more days.  They both like oatmeal and had raspberries today.  Avery is so close to walking she can taste it.  She is taking lots of steps, just will not take the plunge.   Aidan fell down the two stairs that go into the living room and has a small black eye, it was worse but I did not get a good picture soon enough.  Asvery thinks that you are killing her when you want to change her diaper, it is miserable especially with poo hanging off her butt.

12 Month Stats:

Aidan: 20lbs 15oz and 29 inches long

Avery: 19lbs 5oz and 29 inches long

They got the DTap and 1st of 2 attenuated, thimerisol-free seasonal flu shots.  I declined the Hep A and the varicella, for now.  They have all their shots but those two.  We are also going to wait on the MMR at the 15mth appt, for now.  They will get it at 3ish.

Picture of the bambinas:




black eye


2 Responses to “Happy 13 months”

  1. Michell Says:

    They are so cute. And poor Aidan with the black eye.

  2. mycowgirlalterego Says:

    Cute as always, even witth the poor shiner!

    I’d like to see you vac schedule!!!

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