Yeah they’re still on bottles…so what!


The girls still drink bottles.  They take water from a sippie cup, but ALL their milk intake is from a bottle. I was told they need to be off by 12 mths.  Crazy, I was still pumping and was not going to put breast milk in a sippie.  Since 13 mths, they have been on whole milk.  THey love their bottle and drink all their milk MOST of the time.  With the sippie, they drink SOME.  They are not eating well and I want them to get SOME calories, so bottles it is.  People are so judgemental about what they think that YOUR kids should/should not be doing.  Crazy!  Why do YOU care?  They are also , just as of this week, at 12 mths developmentally because of being born 9 weeks early.  I am not pushing.  It WILL happen.  Right now, I am more interested in working on the sleep issue.  Your feedback is welcome, I may not agree, but comment away.

More tomorrow on the they are still on, so what category.


3 Responses to “Yeah they’re still on bottles…so what!”

  1. Michell Says:

    I wouldn’t think it makes much difference. If it works for you and them don’t worry about everyone else. Hard to do though I know.

  2. kirsten Says:

    Who says one year? And they are just now gestationally one year, right? Tressa threw her bottle away at 1 year and Elliot kept his until he was over 2. They are both happy, well adjusted kids! So are yours!

  3. meg Says:

    Hope you get some rest on your week off. The pictures on your previous post are adorable. Don’t worry about the bottle thing.. A still takes his at night sometimes too. So what right? It is your choice and you aren’t hurting anything in my opinon……

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