Well it is right around the corner now.  We stuck with our 4 gifts and Santa.  One you need, want, wear, and read.  It was a good idea but then I worry that we did not do enough, I always do.  We do not overdo it for the most part as it leads to bad habits.  Next year, I am going to start the book elves.  When the older kids were little the week leading up to Christmas, the “book elves” left a book each nioght under their pillows.  They really liked it, and I like promoting reading.    Avery ate a mostly tablefood breakfast and completely lunch.  Adian the same with breakfast and refused what we offered at lunch.  We will offer her something else in a bit but the people that clean the house are here right now, and I do not want them to have to work around us.  It is a luxury that we have afforded ourselves twice a week for the last 10ish years.

We got together with another couple yesterday that has a child that will be one in a couple of weeks, it was fun.  We do gifts with the young kids.  The girls had fun 🙂


One Response to “Christmas…”

  1. Michell Says:

    Oh I like that book elf idea. Very cool.

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