I surely do not remember this stage with the older kids.  I might not have followed through with trying to have any more kids..HA HA kidding.  I can say that we are in some trying times. I am being double-teamed too.  They are really pushing things. I really love them or …I don’t know what.  they laugh, cry, scream, giggle, and throw a temper tantrum all in about 2 minutes.  They are RELENTLESS and when one wants something..she will not stop until done.  When you get that cute, semi-gummy grin is all but forgotten until 2 minutes later when the cycle starts again.  WOW, I am tired.  I did not realize how much my age would play into this..I think that it does.  I do not regret it for one second, but them are some trying times.


2 Responses to “Toddlers”

  1. kjandthekids Says:

    Is it that we both have twins or is it the age ? Either way we are both bitching about the same thing 🙂 ha ha

  2. kirsten Says:

    i’ve always wanted more than one… but two at time might kill me. chin up! they’ll be in school one day!

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