We spent $1000 to divide the backyard with a fence to keep the dogs on one side and bought this great climbing toy.  It has been hotter than hell and the dogs dug under the gate.


3 Responses to “Play..”

  1. KJ and the Kids Says:

    Oh damn ! I’m so sorry !
    We have that same toy in our back yard….only I have one dog. I don’t separate her from the kids and because of that they bring fresh laid dog shit in to me almost daily. yip. nice.
    Good luck !

  2. sara Says:

    Oh I’m so sorry! That structure looks like a lot of fun for the kids though. Neela our dog is always chewing on all of Brynn’s stuff and it drives me nuts. I do love our dog, but they can be so destructive can’t they?

  3. meg Says:

    Love the play thing! We built a kennel for our dogs and are constantly having to fix it too….frustrating!

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