Yep, that I might be.  I have been doing a lot of reading and have decided to work on cleaning our diet up a bit.  I am trying to eliminate a lot of the canned foods that we eat.  We mostly used canned beans.  I soaked some black beans last night and cooked them all day in a crockpot.  I drained, rinsed and froze them in 2 cup portions.  I am going to soak pinto beans tonight to cook tomorrow.  We are having refried beans this week with some chicken tacos.  I am going to make my own.  Yep!  I am a moron.  I also mad a big pot of spaghetti sauce today.  ALex and I are going to make some whole wheat pancakes/waffles tomorrow to flash freeze.  I AM going to do more, just have to decide what will be next.  We got a great stainless steel steamer/rice cooker.  Gonna steam all the veggies this week so they do not have to be cooked in plastic.  Any ideas out there for me????


2 Responses to “Psycho..”

  1. battynurse Says:

    It all sounds like a good plan.

  2. meg Says:

    What a good plan! Is it working?

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