I am back!  I have been inspired by another blog that I have been reading for some time…2 moms.  I love the fact that they keep up with it and have some great pics!.  The summer is ending here, not the weather, Toni started back to school last week a the kids start back on Monday….  Not OUR kids, they are still staying home and her mom cones to watch them.  They are really lucky, and they love her.  It is nice to have them here while I am working.  I can take a quick break and pop down to say hello.  I went into the office week before last all week and have to go in next week Tuesday-Friday 8-6:30.  Makes for a long week in that I have to leave about 630a and get home at almost 8p.  I am lucky that it is rare.  We had one vacation this year and the girls got to ride ponies.  To say that they loved it is an understatement.  I need to look and see if there is somewhere that they can go around here.


Last night we went to the mall as the girls loved their croc*s and they are now too small.  We live in the sticks, so there are only croc*s available in the sporting good stores here.  The closest store is about 1 hour and 20 minutes away.  We had fn.  They got to shop at the Dis*ney store and pick out a toy and night gowns they pick the same nightgown and almost the same toy, one was Minn*ie and the other Mick*ey.  We went to the croc*s store and out of a zillion pairs, they picked the SAME ONES.  They did, however, pick different jibbi*tz.  They have a fountain thingie that people can play in outside the mall and Avery REALLY wanted to play in it but we needed to wait until we were done as they would be soaked.  It was turned off by the time that we got out.  they DID get to play in a big puddle and loved it.


I leave with a couple of pics on horses


Toni and Avery




3 Responses to “BAAAAAACK!”

  1. onemorebaby Says:

    So so glad to see you back, my friend!!! : )

  2. Wendy M Says:

    Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the shout-out. I wanted to follow up from your question you left on our 2-moms blog about Kylie’s playdoh stampers.

    I got the stamps from a Lakeshore Learning store. You can order them online. Go to and search for dough stampers. Kylie also has their dough design rollers and enjoys them a lot too.

    Lakeshore Learning has fantastic products. I love it when their cataloge comes in the mail.

    Thanks for reading! Wendy

  3. Michell Says:

    They have gotten so big!
    I love my crocs too. I’ve even tried to switch to something with a bit more support for work and such but any other shoes just aren’t comfortable to me. Funny how they picked all the same things.

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