This evening we went to a new park not too far from our house, 15minutes away.  We had to wait until this evening as it has been so darn hot during the day.  The girls really enjoyed it.  I think that they get tired of being cooped up in the house since it has been so hot.  They are not a fan of the heat at all.  We did some garage saling this weekend, it was a lot of fun.  We (I guess me) decided that we are going to do a thrift Christmas.  We are really cutting back on the people that we are giving to AND the cost.  It is ridiculous to spend and enormous amt of money on things that you can easily find at thrift stores and garage sales.  I am not going to buy junk but plan to search and get the things that i think are appropriate at a fraction of the cost.

I leave with some pics..

Well now I cannot get the computer to read the card from the camera.  I will upload more pics later when I have a minute.


Edited to take out that pesky extra “o” I added to to and some more pics.





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