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Here are a few recent pics.  Not a lot new in our lives.  The girls did a gymnastics class over the summer that they both enjoyed.  We are hoping to maybe do a music class soon..  It is hard to believe that they will be 2 in 2 months!


Sweetie Pie Avery

Aidan would not let me put in a hairbow after her bath


22 months

August 7, 2010 by

Today the girls are 22 months old.  Time sure does fly.  We spent the afternoon and early evening with some friends and had a lot of fun! I am going to take updated pics tomorrow and post again.  I think that I am ready to start blogging again.  The dashboard will not let me change the weight loss widget, but I have lost 34 pounds so far.  I am thinking about doing a weight loss blog.  Anyway, I am going to go clean out my car.  Pics tomorrow.


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I am going back to blogspot as I cannot upload videos here it seems without paying for the service


coming back soon

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I have been so exhausted that I have not had time to post, but I am coming back very soon with a post.  I am too tired to eek out anything….  I really think that I have no readers, so no one probably cares 🙂

Been a while…

February 20, 2010 by

I really read a lot of blogs but cannot seem to post a lot on my own. I think that I am boring and do not really know what to say.  Life is busy, but whose isn’t?  The girls are growing by leaps and bounds in both the physical aspect and verbal.  They are both saying 25-30 words, and they seem to add several words a day.  One day it all just seemed to start falling into place.  I have to admit that we are not done with the bottles, but we ARE down to 2 a day…am and bedtime.  Slowly but surely.  They are not very into the cups.  Avery drinks more than Aidan and neither will drink milk from the cup.  They will both only drink water.  They are doing good with food but like the same things over and over.  I need to branch out but they do not like things all mixed.  They like steamed veggies, chicken, and fresh fruits.  They eat some organic crackers and yogurt.  They are starting to interact more, both good and bad.  Avery will not let aidan wear a bow in her hair, she like to pull it out when she sees it and takes some hair with it.  They went to their 15mth appt 5 weeks late and it went well.  They got the first of two Hep A shots.  We are putting the varicella and MMR off until 2ish.  I think that they need a HIB and pneumococcal booster.  Phew, the thought is exhausting.  Aidan weighed 22lbs 6oz (35th percentile) and was 32 inches tall (81st percentile).  Avery weighed 21lbs (15th percentile) and was 31.5 inches tall (73rd percentile).  Their weight gain has really slowed.  Avery was in the 23rd percentile last time, so she has dropped off a bit.  Aidan was in the 50ish percentile and has dropped off a bit as well.  Nothing to be concerned about as they are moving around like crazy.  I am having a hard time getting the calories in them though.  I think that they are both going to be girly girls.  They love clothes and shoes.


January 21, 2010 by

Well, the food front is good!  They are OFF baby food.  Tonight was not too bad.  They ate some tofu with hoisin sauce, organic chicken nuggets, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and kiwi.  I NEED more ideas.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out.  I have the biggest issue with protein.  They do not like eggs or peanut butter.

I leave you with SPAGHETTI!


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Not the best pics but you get the idea.

A few pics…

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Guess I need to put something in writing, not that it really matters.  I am never good about this but am going to give it a try again.

1. lose weight and get more healthy

2. bathe more (hard to do with twins and exhaustion)

3. do one small step towards organization a week

4. get the girls off bottles

5. get the girls into better sleeping habits

6. read to the girls daily

I think that is more than enough.  There are plenty of things that need to get done, but if I commit to much more…..I know that I will fail.


December 22, 2009 by

I surely do not remember this stage with the older kids.  I might not have followed through with trying to have any more kids..HA HA kidding.  I can say that we are in some trying times. I am being double-teamed too.  They are really pushing things. I really love them or …I don’t know what.  they laugh, cry, scream, giggle, and throw a temper tantrum all in about 2 minutes.  They are RELENTLESS and when one wants something..she will not stop until done.  When you get that cute, semi-gummy grin is all but forgotten until 2 minutes later when the cycle starts again.  WOW, I am tired.  I did not realize how much my age would play into this..I think that it does.  I do not regret it for one second, but them are some trying times.